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How to: Hair Feathers

How To Attach Feather Extensions To Your Hair

Adding feathers to your hair is one of the biggest up and coming trends

While Steven Tyler has been doing this for years it has only recently caught on in Australia. And since you can add these to your hair semi-permanently, feathers make your hair fun, without making a huge commitment. offers you the following step-by-step instructions on how to attach feather extensions to your hair.

"How to" Instructional video is taken from YouTube & are a guide only. Products whilst similar, are not identical.


Step 1: Section your hair

Take a small section of hair, above the crown and clip in on top of your head.

Place your hair feather under a few layers of hair, so that it hides the ring, but close enough to the top so you won’t see it.

Step 2: Take a strand of hair

Take a small strand of hair, about the same thickness as the hair feather

Step 3: Thread hair through the loop

Pull your strand of hair through the clear loop attached at the end of your feather extension.

Step 4: Pull threading loop

Pull the end of the loop through the attached bead. You will need to pull the plastic loop out of the bead, and this will thread your natural hair through the bead.

Step 5: Remove plastic loop

Continue to pull the plastic loop and your hair through the bead until the loop is no longer inside. Place your threading loop to the side as you can use it again.

Slide your hair feather onto your head.

Step 6: Squeeze the bead flat

Taking your pliers, squeeze the bead flat so that it will lie flat against your scalp. This will keep the feather attached to your hair.

Your Done!

Style your feathers as you like…
treated with care your feathers
can last several weeks, just be gentle!