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How to: Hair Crystals

How To Iron In Hair Crystals

Add sparkle to your hair no matter
what style by adding iron on hair crystals

The steps toward application are actually easy. You can apply these hair crystals on your own hair although you may need the help of a relative or a friend when applying it on your hair’s back sections. You will also need one other piece of equipment, a conventional hair iron. offers you the following step-by-step instructions on how to iron in hair crystals.


"How to" Instructional video is taken from YouTube & are a guide only. Products whilst similar, are not identical.



Step 1: Preparation

Get your crystals and your hair iron ready. Keeping these things handy will ensure fast, easy, and convenient application of these attractive hair jewels.

If you want to apply the hair crystals on your straight hair down one side in a single line. You will then need to cut a single strip of crystals. By the way, you can cut the hair crystal strip according to your desired style.

Tip 1: We suggest ironing on the hair crystals when your basic hairstyle is finished since combing through them will ruin the entire effect.

Tip 2: iron on hair crystals work best on relatively straight hair although you can also apply them to hairstyles with curls or twists with practice, or you can always enlist the help of a professional hairstylist who knows how to apply these crystals even on elaborate hairstyles.

Step 2: Placement

Decide where on your hair you want to place the hair crystals: on the front, side and/or back.

Step 3: Section the hair

Comb your hair so that there are very little to no tangles.

Separate a flat, thin section of your hair and comb over it again.

Hold the section with the fingers of one hand.

Get the strip of iron on hair crystals and remove its white backing.

Place the transparent strip over the section of hair and gently stick it into place (the strip has a sticky component so you should have no problem in this step).

Step 4: Apply heat

Plug in your hair iron and wait for it to become sufficiently hot.

Place the section of hair between the plates of the hair iron so that one or two crystals are subjected to heat.

Clamp the hair iron on your hair, wait for 4-5 seconds and then unclamp.

Proceed to the next crystal and continue until all the crystals are subjected to heat.

Peel off the plastic backing and your done!

These iron on hair crystals are easy to attach
and yet so sophisticated, gorgeous and attractive.