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Join the latest trend in hair fashion by
temporarily colouring your hair using 
hair chalk bugs or hair chalk sticks


Did You Know...?

Did you know that everyone from Hollywood celebrities to children are embracing the very latest craze with brightly coloured hair colours & accessories.

Join the Trend!

Now you too can create your own individual style by adding some hair colour, hair feathers, hair tinsel, hair crystals or even a combination of these to your hair whether its long or short, dark or light, curly or straight!

Easy to Apply and Washes Off

Hair Chalking is what everyones talking about. It’s a fun, quick and easy way to add temporary colours to your hair that gives you a similar look to hair dye. You can do it yourself or with friends in a matter of minutes creating a big impact with no long term commitment.

Hair Chalk Bugs

Hair Colour
Chalk Bugs

For beginners or professionals.

Hair Chalk Sticks

Hair Colour
Chalk Sticks

Also called soft pastels (not oil based or the sidewalk kind).

Hair Feathers

Hair Feathers

Available in clamp,
or clip in styles.  

Hair Tinsel

Hair Tinsel

Available in
tie in or clip in.

Hair Crystals

Hair Crystals

Available in iron in,
magnet type or
clip in styles.

Get Your Hair Chalk Today and Join the Latest Trend!

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